Jean-Jacques Goldman: his eldest daughter Caroline goes against the grain… but she pulled off a masterstroke!

In the Goldman family, we ask for the daughter! After discovering Michaël, the son who has become director of “Star Academy 2022”, it is Caroline’s turn to make herself known to the general public. At a time when “dad” was elected, for the twelfth consecutive year, favorite personality of the French. A real golden family! But it is not on the show business side that we discover Caroline Goldman. This doctor in clinical psychopathology and psychologist for children and adolescents has so far always been very discreet. However, since last year, it has also made a name for itself thanks to podcasts on education which have become in a few months among the most listened to in France, as our colleagues from “Point” point out. His credo? “Making complicated concepts intelligible and unraveling the threads of ambivalent realities”.

A benevolent positive education… without laxity!

The one who taught for fifteen years at the university has indeed pedagogy pegged to the body. This is what first attracts parents who want to better address the fundamental educational aspects, and who simply learn to communicate with their children… how to make them manage frustration, transmit self-confidence, talk about the dangers of the Internet … But also to take stock of certain widely held untruths. Caroline Goldman is a cantor of benevolent positive education but beware, without laxity! On the contrary, and this is what seems to appeal to her large audience, the psychologist advocates a certain firmness in education. A kind of return, in all intelligence, to the somewhat strict values ​​that have been abandoned in recent years.

Would 2023 mark a return to the corner?

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