Jean-Jacques Goldman came close to death: this terrible accident which the singer escaped

In recent years, Jean-Jacques Goldman has wanted to be more discreet than ever and has remained withdrawn from media life. His fans will be delighted to learn that they will be able to discover some anecdotes about his life since Jean Bender, the singer’s childhood friend, released an unpublished book called “It will suffice a sign” in which he traces the career of one who is considered the favorite personality of the French.

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A book that comes out more than 50 years after their first meeting in the courtyard of the Lycée François-Villon, located in the fourteenth arrondissement of Paris. In this exclusive book, Jean Bender confides in detail on their friendship, their rivalry, their personality history but also their professional and love life. In order not to forget anything and not to make any mistakes, Jean Bender has also left Paris to settle in London where the singer has lived for a few years… and of course obtained the agreement of his friend before writing this book.

Jean-Jacques Goldman was close to death
In the columns of Le Parisien, Jean Bender evokes the tragic fire which could have cost the singer his life: Their overloaded agenda saves their lives : November 1, 1970, 146 young people died in the fire at 5-7, a nightclub near Grenoble. Phalansters (Jean-Jacques Goldman’s rock band) had been replaced at the last moment “.

Nostalgic, the writer ends on a more joyful note and also relates his friend’s early days: For three years, Jean-Jacques Goldman was never discouraged. His 30 m2 cellar, converted into a studio, was invaded by tapes of recordings. We had even stepped on that of “It will suffice for a sign” and managed to save it with an iron .. “

Eleanor de la Fontaine

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