Jean Gabin disgusted by Alain Delon, this terrible estrangement which almost caused his couple to implode!

On May 22, viewers of C8 will be able to (re)watch From Rififi to Panama, a work worn with panache by Jean Gabin. For the occasion, his son Mathias Moncorgé spoke at length to our colleagues from TV Star. Unvarnished, the latter evoked the estrangement between his famous parent and the Cheetah occurred during the filming of Clan of the Sicilians.

According to him, the ex-husband of Nathalie Delon would have caused countless disputes within the team… He would have even managed to spoil the wedding anniversary of Jean Gabin and his wife. “My parents were to celebrate their 20th anniversary of marriage and Alain Delon had to screw up”, annoyed Mathias Moncorgé not without bitterness. At the time, the main interested party constantly wanted to steal the show from his on-screen partner. A situation that would have set fire to the powder. Between the two men, the tensions were more than palpable…

Lino Ventura gets involved…

“He wanted his name to be first on the poster and that pissed off Dad who was no longer in a party mood”, added the son of Dominique Fournier. But Jean Gabin was not the only one to be ulcerated by the behavior of the star. Quite the contrary. In the turmoil, the actor was able to count on the support of those close to him.

“Lino Ventura, who adored my father, found out about it and came to Rome when he wasn’t filming there. He went to see Alain Delon and threatened to give him one if he continued his whims. explained Mathias Moncorgé. Obviously, this surprise intervention would have succeeded in calming Alain Delon who ended up “crash”: “He got his name on the same level as the other actors”, concluded the son of the late Jean Gabin. All’s well That ends well !


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