Jean-Claude Van Damme absolute fan of a candidate of "Dance with the stars" : their private SMS unveiled!

This Friday, November 19, 2021, took place the semi-final of “Dance with the stars” on TF1. The jury and the public had to decide between Tayc, Michou, Bilal Hassani and Aurélie Pons. Without much surprise, it is the actress of “Here everything begins” who had to leave the dance competition of TF1. Without regret and with great pride. “I am very proud of us and I am not ashamed to say it, I am proud of myself too, she said with a big smile at the microphone of TF1. With all these falls, I am proud of our course . We did not give up, we always worked and finally we made it to the semi-final, which nevertheless went very far in the adventure. So it’s crazy. ” Aurélie Pons has indeed something to be proud of. His adventure in “Dancing with the stars” was marked by huge falls on the floor. And above all, the actress managed to reach the semifinals despite the loss of her dad during the competition. We also remember the tears of Denitsa Ikonomova after the performance of Aurélie Pons in tribute to her late dad.

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“It’s not okay guys”

If there is one who is not happy at all since the elimination of Aurélie Pons, it is Jean-Claude Van Damme. Absolute fan of the actress, he had also wanted to record a video message broadcast Friday evening before the elimination of Aurélie Pons. Upon learning that his favorite candidate had left “Dance with the stars”, Jean-Claude Van Damme hastened to send him private messages in the form of audio notes, as reported by “Closer”. “Confused” by the elimination of Aurélie Pons, Jean-Claude Van Damme told him: “You should have said to the guys: ‘it’s not going guys, there is something that does not work with your meters’ (…) I do not understand anything at all “. Convinced that she had every chance of winning, he said again: “You won 100%. There, that’s all I can tell you”. One thing is certain: the former Miss Provence has found herself a great admirer!


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