Jean Castex has finally started repainting the shutters of his house in the Pyrenees

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Former Prime Minister Jean Castex has started repainting the shutters of his house in Prades in the Pyrénées-Orientales.

“I’m going to go back to my Pyrenees. I have to repaint my shutters and my railing which took a beating for two years”. This is what Jean Castex, then still Prime Minister, said on May 11 in the Parisian. He was about to leave Matignon and leave his office to Elisabeth Borne.

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Almost three months have passed. Did Jean Castex actually keep his promise? It seems so. At least it seems to have started. Jean Castex published an ephemeral photo on Thursday on his Instagram account on which we see a shutter or a wooden door, a can of paint or stain and a brush. The condition of the wood proves that a facelift was needed.

Jean Castex did not comment on the photo. It is therefore impossible to know if he is starting his painting work or if his shutters and railing are already repainted.

Jean Castex repaints its shutters.

Back to the Court of Auditors

The former tenant of Matignon was elected a few days ago president of the foundation Act against exclusion (FACE). A function he will occupy on a voluntary basis. This foundation created by Martine Aubry in 1993 mobilizes economic, social and institutional actors to act against exclusion. At the end of August, after his vacation, Jean Castex will return to the Court of Auditors, his original body. At the same time, he will provide consultancy services to the company Idverde, the European leader in landscaping companies, on a greening project for urban spaces.

Jean Castex was mayor of Prades in the Pyrénées-Orientales for a long time. A position he no longer wishes to occupy. But we imagine that he returns to it with pleasure.

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