Jazz (JLC Family) unveils photos with his daughter without retouching, internet users react

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It’s not a secret. On social media, many reality TV stars are the subject of constant criticism for excessive retouching on their photos. Used to this, Eva Ducci has finally shown itself naturally, which did not fail to make Internet users react. The candidate is certainly not the only one to follow this new trend of “without filter” and for good reason, Jazz has also decided to appear without any artifice.. On his Instagram account, the star of JLC Family has just published several pictures of her accompanied by Chelsea where the natural is in order.

“A real moment of happiness with my daughter. We sang, we loved each other and we took advantage, many try to harm me from near or far. The thing you will never understand is that my children and my husband are my warriors, it only takes a smile from them to forget everything. Zero filters, zero retouching, a true, pure and real moment “ Jazz says in the caption of these famous photos.

Jazz fans approve

For their part, Internet users were all charmed: “The photos are incredible”, “For me, this little one is the most beautiful baby on reality TV”, “You are very beautiful”, “Wow two beauties next door that dazzles too much”, “You are magnificent without a filter”, “What a beautiful mother-daughter bond” could one read among the comments. Excellent feedback that will please the main concerned. Elsewhere in the news, Laurent revealed the sex of his third baby with Jazz by mistake.

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