Jazz disfigured from the face as well as her three children: what happened to the JLC Family?

These past few months have been trying for Jazz and his little family. While the last episode of the JLC Family suggested that the clan was going to stop everything, the big sister of Eva Queen made an update on this subject.

What about the JLC Family? I did two seasons on MyTF1, plus 5 seasons on TV. So in all 7 (…) On TV it stopped at the 5th, and the title was ‘The End’, as you know. It meant the end of what, of how? Lots of things actually. It was the end in any case of this way of life there, and of this strategy there (…) It is true that my way of life has changed, and me in any case I feel happier. That’s a fact. I’m always thinking in “Am I doing? Am I not doing?” mode. In any case, whatever I decide, if I offer you a new season of the JLC, I want to make a genre season really in reality mode. I don’t do reality TV, it’s reality. It’s actually my real life. And suddenly I want to continue to give you the backstage of the real life of famous people, the real life of the media. I know you love the JLC, and I’ll be honest with you, I love giving you the JLC too.” has explained the one whose rent in Dubai has been revealed.

Jazz disfigured? She explains herself

This Thursday, May 12, 2022, Jaz appeared with a compress in her eye. But this dressing was not insignificant. Indeed, everything would have been caused by an evening with a friend that occurred the day before. “Her eye caught fire (…) she had incense in her hand, she hit the ceiling, it fell in my hair. I shook my hair, the piece of flame went into his eye and burned all his false eyelashes. Fortunately, if she didn’t have false eyelashes, it would have burned the inside of her eye (…) Look, I’m trying to show you the inside of mine. It’s horrible. My three children all have it it’s terrible” clarified the one who would be addicted to injections while filming his visibly reddened and swollen eye. Let’s hope this gets sorted out soon.


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