Jazmín Pinedo and Jefferson Farfán bet a dinner and warn: “Don’t go to protect us” (VIDEO)

The television host, Jazmín Pinedo, bet Jefferson Farfán a dinner because each one gave different scores for the Peru vs. match. Australia. Both warned not to ampayen them because it will only be the payment of a bet.

It all happened when Jazmín Pinedo assured that Peru would win Australia with two goals, while the experienced soccer player pointed out that the Peruvian team will win by one goal.

I don’t care if Peru wins by half a goal, but that they win. I think he will (win) by one goal. I say 1-0 because these matches are final and more closed. 1 to 0 is enoughFarfan said.

If it’s two to one or closer to my bet, you invite me and six other people from my team to dinner. And if it’s closer to your number, I’ll invite you and six more people, but where are you going to want to go? It’s not going to be expensive, I just started working”, joked Jasmine Pinedo.

We are doing the dinner thing, do not go to support us later”, clarified Jasmine Pinedo. While Jefferson Farfán added: “Please, it’s a bet, don’t be fucking around”.


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