Jay Khan: Fake relationship with Indira Weis? He speaks plain text

Jay Khan
Fake relationship with Indira Weis? He speaks plain text

Jay Khan and Indira Weis

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In the jungle camp, Jay Khan and Indira Weis showed up as a couple in love in 2011, but nobody really bought their love from them. Today, more than eleven years later, the reality show participant finally speaks plain language.

The wild smooches in the pond remain unforgotten: The fifth season of “I’m a star – get me out of here!” has gone down in history. Sarah “Dingens” Knappik, 36, was badly bullied by her fellow campaigners, among other things because she accused Jay Khan, 40, of contacting her before filming to discuss whether she could have one at the camp to stage a love story.

Jay Khan and Indira Weis: Jungle camp couple 2011

Sarah Knappik declined at the time and instead Indira Weis, 43, former singer of the band Bro’sis, became Jay Khan’s jungle princess. But the story was not really believed by the oh-so-loving couple and the pop singer kept looking directly and offensively at the camera when he kissed his Indira. What a poorly played liaison, huh? The – evil tongues would say – fake separation followed after six months.

Jay Khan on “Celebrity Big Brother”

More than eleven years have now passed, but jungle camp fans have never forgotten this pretend love affair. Jay Khan will probably never be able to completely shake off this stamp. The musician can currently be admired in another reality format and is this year’s “Celebrity Big Brother” participant. There he was asked about what was probably the biggest scandal of his career, what was really the matter at the time.

What really went down with Indira Weis?

“I didn’t exchange a syllable with this woman before I met her in the format,” he said, also emphasizing “the feelings [zu Weis] were real. We were in an extreme situation at the time and I just wanted to have a little fun.”

Jay Khan has expressed frustration at being asked about his alleged fake relationship with Indira Weis after all these years. “Celebrity Big Brother” roommate Jörg Knör, 63, said: “I wish that it can be put down at some point. I don’t think so.”

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