Javed Akhtar Said- democratic countries should refuse to recognize Taliban for their repression of Afghan women

Javed Akhtar has appealed to all democratic countries to criticize the Taliban, not to recognize it. He has said that if this happens then countries should forget words like justice, humanity.

Recently the Taliban announced the government in Afghanistan. Women in Afghanistan are concerned for their rights and demonstrations are taking place in the 33-member cabinet about not having a single woman. Pictures of misbehavior and cruelty with these women by the Taliban have also come to the fore. Regarding this, famous lyricist and writer Javed Akhtar has appealed to all democratic countries to criticize the Taliban, not to recognize it.

Javed Akhtar wrote in a tweet made from his official Twitter handle on Friday that if we cannot do this then we should forget the words like justice, humanity.

He wrote in his tweet, ‘Every civilized person, every democratic government, every civilized society in the world should refuse to recognize and criticize the Taliban for its brutal repression of Afghan women or else like justice, humanity and conscience. The words should be forgotten.’

Javed Akhtar tweeted in which he writes, ‘Taliban spokesperson has told the world that women are not there to be ministers but to stay at home and have children. But the so called civilized and democratic countries of the world are ready to join hands with Taliban. how shameful it is.’

The Taliban has given a statement about not giving women a place in the cabinet, which is being criticized. Taliban spokesman Syed Zakirullah Hashmi has said that a woman cannot become a minister. She cannot bear the burden of becoming a minister. They don’t have to be in the cabinet. They should have children.

However, the reaction of users is also being seen on Javed Akhtar’s tweet. A user named Abhinav wrote, ‘Then why is the Indian government in talks with the Taliban in Doha?’ A user named Rahulendra wrote, ‘First go and tell this to Mehbooba Mufti and Farooq Abdullah who are considering Taliban as messiah and example.’

A user named Bhushan wrote, ‘Unfortunately, all these things are of no importance when countries decide their foreign policy. All countries see their profit and loss.

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