Jastraban’s return to the Street? The fireplace curled up

“To leave the Street, I decided to have more time for new job challenges and at the same time I need to rest from Bedřich for a while. When you live in a role for seventeen, you and your character will intersect. The character partially takes over your character traits and features. And I got to the stage where I started to lose contact with Bedřich. We separated, “he confided with the reasons for his departure Jastraban Lightning. Now she also commented Fireplace.

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Although she could be seen to be very sorry for her colleague’s departure, she admitted that she fully understood his decision. The street is an extremely demanding project. “I don’t want to dig in open wounds. We’ll definitely discuss it together when it’s a little over. “ told Nova Plus.

In the interview, however, she still managed to ignite a glimmer of hope in the audience. “Since Bedrich didn’t die … you know. Never say never. Return is possible and I think it’s a matter of some rest. “ she added wanderingly. So nothing is lost!

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