Jason David Frank, known for being the green Power Ranger, has died


The sad news of the death of Jason David Frank, one of the original Power Rangers, who also had his own reality show, was known.

Jason David Frank
© GettyJason David Frank

Jason David Frank He was a well-known actor for several generations thanks to his participation in the TV series power Rangers that so many versions he was able to release throughout the years where this interpreter gave life to tommy oliverwho in the original program was the Green Ranger and later took great preponderance within the franchise, being a character that would appear on many occasions in the different titles of the saga.

Today we can confirm the sad news that Jason David Frank he died and is his coach Mike “The Greek” Bronzoulis who in a post on his social networks confirmed the death of whoever was his great friend in real life. This martial artist remarked that Jason was like a brother to him, in addition to ensuring that the news left him in a state of shock in the same way that it will affect the followers of the power Rangers.

Jason David Frank He was a great connoisseur of martial arts and had his own dojo where he had even developed a fighting style known as the Toso Kune Do in addition to having participated in MMA fights. Likewise, he continued to be part of the world of television through a reality show where he shared his life with the audiences thanks to the series known as My Morphing Life in a pun that alludes to the original title of the power Rangers.

Jason David Frank was part of a mythical series

Your role as tommy oliver not only led him to participate in different television series framed in the universe of power Rangers but this franchise also made a place for itself in the cinema where Jason David Frank He impersonated his ranger on multiple occasions to the delight of the fans of the original show that took place from 1993 to 1996. In addition to being the Green Ranger, he was also the White Ranger who was the leader of the team of heroes.

This is not the first power rangers original who unfortunately died since Thuy Trangan actress with Vietnamese and American blood who had knowledge of Kung Fu, was chosen at that time to impersonate the Yellow Ranger in the first installment of the mighty heroes and in 2001 she lost her life as a result of a terrible car accident.

at 49 years old Jason David Frank He says goodbye to his followers and leaves a family made up of his wife Tammie Frank, with whom he was married from 2003 to this day but they were currently experiencing a crisis, in addition to their 4 children who unfortunately lost their father prematurely. and to whom we send a heartfelt greeting from spoilers like all those who say goodbye to the Green Ranger today, one of the most paradigmatic characters for an entire generation.

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