Jason Blum Returns to Talk About ‘Death Gives You Happy Birthday 3’

In an interview with ScreenRantthe producer Jason Blum returned to talk about the possible sequel ‘Death Gives You Congratulations 3‘, giving fans of the franchise hope for the release of the third film.

“Guess who I met yesterday? Christopher Landon. And guess what we discussed? ‘Death Gives You Congratulations 3’. We talked about the sequel. I’m not saying we’ll do it, but we’re discussing it. We’re thinking about it a lot. I’m not saying it will happen, but I’m not saying it won’t either.

Previously, Blum had already indicated that he had plans to continue the saga: “I have a plan [para dar continuidade à franquia]. I still haven’t said goodbye to the universe of ‘Death Gives You Congratulations’. I’ll just say that.”

Death Gives You Congratulations‘ (2017) was a box office hit and grossed $125.5 million around the world, but the sequel released in 2019 was well underwhelming, with only $65 million.

The director Christopher Landon stated that the marketing strategy hurt the sequel at the box office:

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“When a movie does very well at the box office, everyone’s expectations are very high. And most devastating, especially for me and Jessica [Rothe], is that the predictions pointed out that the sequel would have a performance similar to the first film, but the audience did not show up as before. The sequel is not a failure. In fact, he made a lot of money. Universal’s marketing thought it was a difficult project to sell. What traditionally works for the other sequels, which is to present more of the same, hurt us. I made a second movie that was very different from the first, but they promoted the sequel as if it was the same thing – they even used the same music in the trailer. I think hiding all the elements that made the second movie unique really hurt us.”

he completes, “It’s a little weird, because any franchise would be able to make a new sequel with the new results. But for some reason we didn’t have the opportunity. The most interesting thing is that both films gained survival after their theatrical release. There are still chances to make a third movie, but that’s Universal’s decision. They know that everyone involved in the first films wants to do one more, but they need to feel justified in giving the go-ahead.”

Should a third sequel actually be produced, the story would follow the second film’s post-credits scene, which sees DARPA taking advantage of the time loop device for new experiments, with Tree’s evil friend, Danielle (Rachel Matthews), which ends up stuck in its own loop.

It is worth remembering that in the past, the director Christopher Landon had confirmed exclusively to CinePOP that I would like to make a new movie in the franchise.

“I definitely have the third movie in my head. If enough people watch this one, we’ll make a third movie. I can say it will be very unexpected. And it will have an even greater scale.”, he stated.

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