Jashpur News: Villagers demand beautification of Kesalapath mountain of Tamta to the Food Minister


Even after decades, the road and the main gate are incomplete, the assurance of the Food Minister has raised hope among the villagers

Tamta(Naiduniya News). The demand for beautification of Tamta mountain has started rising once again. Tamta’s sarpanch and villagers have met Food Minister Amarjit Bhagat and raised the demand for beautification of Tamta mountain. On the demand of the villagers, the Food Minister has assured that the beautification of Kesalapath mountain will be done at the earliest.

Kesalapath mountain located in the village panchayat Tamta is a major center of faith of the people. Villagers have submitted a memorandum to Food Minister Amarjit Bhagat for its beautification. Shri Bhagat had reached the nearby village Ludeg on Sunday to inquire about the well being of senior Congress leader Mahendra Agarwal. During this, Tamta’s Sarpanch Yadu Baz, Dhruv Patkar and other villagers reached here and demanded beautification of Tamta mountain. Villagers say that a three-day fair is organized here every year on the occasion of Pus-Puni ko Chherta. It is considered to be the most popular fair of Jashpur district. On the occasion of the fair, devotees and traders reach from different states as well as different districts of Chhag. Due to which a large number of people gather here. Villagers say that culturally along with religious beliefs, people’s feelings are associated with this fair. At the same time, there is a lot of tourism potential here, but people have to face difficulties due to lack of proper way of transport. Villagers say that the distance from the main road to the mountain is five hundred meters, which passes through the farm-barn. In such a situation, devotees coming from outside have to climb the mountain through these paths for worship, which proves to be painful for the people in the modern era. The villagers have demanded the Food Minister to give approval for the Kesalapath mountain access road and the main gate. People say that this will also boost tourism here. Food Minister Amarjit Bhagat has fully rationalized the demand of the villagers. He said that the Chhattisgarh government was ready to protect and upgrade all the centers of religious and cultural importance. Along with this, under the leadership of Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel, the Chhattisgarh government is constantly trying to promote tourism. Efforts being made for Ram Van Gaman Path are an example of this. He has assured the villagers that their demands will be fulfilled at the earliest. It is worth mentioning that about 10 years ago on the demand of the villagers, the then Tourism Minister Brijmohan Agarwal had given 10 lakh rupees for the beautification of the mountain. With this amount only stairs and railings could be constructed here. Even later, the demand was raised continuously by the villagers, but no public representative or official paid any attention to it. Now with the assurance of Food Minister Amarjit Bhagat, the villagers are hopeful of completing the beautification of the mountain.

Many legends are associated

Generally, in Hinduism, mountains have been considered as the abode of gods and goddesses, but not only in the district, it is probably the only mountain in the entire region in which the mountain itself is worshiped as a deity. There are many legends associated with this mountain, which further increases its mythological and religious importance. According to legend, during the Mahabharata period, there was terror of the demon Bakasura on this mountain of village Tamata. The Pandavas were wandering from forest to forest with Mother Kunti after escaping from the Lakshagriha. In the meantime, he had taken refuge with a Brahmin family in village Balajhar near Tamta, and in the meantime, Bhima killed the demon Bakasura and liberated the villagers from his terror. According to the belief, since then the tradition of the fair has been going on here, which continues till today.

The name of the mountain named after the prince

According to another legend, there was a love affair between the princess of Gangpur in Orissa and the prince of Kesalpur under Jharkhand and both wanted to marry each other. But after the princess’s father had fixed her marriage with the prince of Bairagarh near Bhopal, the prince of Kesalpur left his entire palace and left the palace and went to the forests. At that time the childless king of the then Chakradharpur gave him a place to live in Kesala mountain. On the other hand the princess also ran out of the house in search of the prince and reached near Ranidah Falls near Jashpur. But following him, the king’s servants also came there. To avoid whom the princess ended her life by jumping into the waterfall. Disturbed by this incident, the prince observed a lifelong celibacy vow and worshiped his deity Lord Shiva continuously and gained powers and used him to relieve the sufferings of the people. Gradually this mountain came to be known as Kesalapath after his name. His sword is said to be seen here even today. The villagers believe that even today their Kesalapath deity rides on a white horse to take care of his people and removes the sorrows of those who believe in him.


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