Jashpur News: The streets of the city were inundated due to the torrential rains that started from night.

The streets of the city were inundated due to the torrential rain that has been happening intermittently since night.

10 JSP 3: Vehicles passing through Bhagalpur road submerged due to rain on Friday afternoon

Jashpurnagar (Naiduniya Representative). The city’s road was submerged due to the torrential rains that had been pouring in since morning. After the uncertainty of monsoon throughout the month of Sawan, the rains these days have brought great relief to the farmers as well as the administration and the common people. The rain had started from Thursday night itself. Which continued on the second day on Friday as well.

It is noteworthy that in the months of July and August, the black shadow of drought started looming in the district due to the treachery of monsoon. The light rain in the month of Sawan had given some relief to the farmers. But, this rain was not enough to sustain the crop. Due to lack of water, cracks started appearing in the fields. In the month of Bhado, due to the grace of Indra Dev, greenery has started appearing in the fields. The kindness of the weather has also brought relief to the officials of the Water Resources Department. Despite the passage of half the rainy season, the water logging in the dams of the district was barely 50 percent. But due to the rain these days, it has reached 70 percent. If the rain continues, it may reach 80 to 90 percent in the coming few days. Due to water logging, the concern of water for irrigating rabi crops has been reduced to a great extent.

Problems caused by poor electrical system

During the torrential rains on Friday, once again the residents of the city were disturbed by the poor electrical system. Electricity came and went throughout the day. While the business based on this has been affected by this blinding of electricity, the process of malfunctioning of electrical equipment of the people is also going on.

834 mm of rain in the district

So far, Jashpur district has received an average rainfall of 884.4 mm. According to the records of the land records branch, since June 1 till date, 895.0 mm in Jashpur tehsil, 926.4 mm in Manora, 1127.8 mm in Kunkuri, 935.7 mm in Duldula, 581.8 mm in Farsabhar, 903.9 mm in Garden, 841.5 mm in Kansabel, Pathalgaon 708.6 and Sanna have received 1038.8 mm of rain.


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