Jashpur News: Never stop remembering the Lord: Dixit

Pathalgaon (Naiduniya News). Service to the body and remembrance of Hari from the mind is the dharma of man towards himself and every human being should follow it. According to the scriptures, a person who does not discharge it is not a human being even though he is a human. The key to happiness is the discharge of this duty towards oneself. These things were said by Ved Vyas Devesh Dixit Maharaj during the Bhagwat Katha. While discussing the episodes of Shrimad Bhagwat in the Bhagwat Bhakti Yagya organized by the Mittal family of the city at Agrasen Bhawan, Devesh Dixit Maharaj, seated on the seat of Katha Vyas, told both the fulfillment of worldly duties from the body and the remembrance of Hari from the mind. He said that the body and the world belong to one caste and the soul and the Supreme Soul belong to one caste. The body is only related to the world and the soul is related to the divine. The body should be used for the world as much as possible, one should serve the world as much as possible, but in the meantime the remembrance of Hari should not be forgotten and in the midst of worldly duties one must remember Hari as much as possible. This is the duty of man towards himself. He described Hari remembrance as more important and more important than worldly duties. Describing it as the duty of man towards himself, he inspired him to remember Hari even after leaving a hundred works. He said that a woman takes care of the children in the house to the husband. She serves the world through the body while disposing of the important household chores. But even while working, one must remember God. In the story context, after the birth of Shri Krishna, he narrated the story of Nand Utsav, Annakoot and Giriraj Puja. Ved Vyas Devesh Dixit Maharaj through Bal Leela, Kaliya Manmardan, Kansa Vadh represented the character of the Lord through the lovely pastimes of the Lord in his childhood. The live tableaux presented during this time captivated the minds of the people. People were eager to see Bal Gopal and little Radha. During this, the audience kept swinging for a long time on the devotional music presented. Describing the need for killing Kansa for the welfare of humanity suffering from the atrocities of Kaliya Man Mardan and Kansa, he also presented its account.


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