Japanese visits a local drink in Mexico and sparks controversy: “There are many drunks”

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Every year, thousands of people leave their homes to seek a better future in other parts of the world and in the social networks There are countless cases that reflect this situation. Without going too far, in recent months viralized the adam kotas storythe Polish father who decided to move to Mexico where he perfected his Spanish and gained popularity for his original style of narrating things.

now, turned trend the japanese ‘tiktoker’ Hikari Light (). With more than 137 thousand followers, the young woman usually shares videos about his life in Aztec territory. This time the woman went to an establishment in the capital of the country and his experience unleashed all kinds of opinions.

In the clip, the protagonist appears walking towards a store in the Mexico City (CDMX). As she headed to the store, the girl showed that He carried a colorful glass of dinosaurs so that they would color the pulque therea traditional Mexican fermented beverage of pre-Hispanic origin.

“There are many drunks”

“My favorite lollipop is pulque because it is a natural flavor that is not found in Japan, I bring my bottle for pulque”, started saying. When she arrived at the premises, Hikari took a tour of the facilities and she was surprised by the colors of the place, she reported .

In the middle of her story, the girl added a detail that caught our attention: “There are always a lot of drunks here, my favorite flavors are soursop, piñon and marzipan. When it’s hot, I like to drink cold pulque.”

controversy in networks

The narration reached more than half a million views and many users told Hikari that drinking alcohol on public roads is not allowed in the capital. “A piece of advice, it is illegal to drink alcohol on the street. I did the same, took my thermos and drank pulque, but they locked me up one night in jail”commented a netizen.

While some netizens wrote reactions like “There are many drunks, he says, hold my meat”; “I loved the ‘many drunks’ hahaha. Have you tried the strawberry one yet?”among others.

What does the pulque contain?

It is a thick alcoholic beverage obtained from the fermentation of mead from the maguey plant. In addition to having a high protein content, it registers an alcohol graduation between 4 and 6 degrees. The maguey takes between 8 and 12 years to reach sufficient maturity to be castrated. It is scraped and the mead is extracted, details .

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