Japanese Imperial House: Imperial House provides update on Princess Nobuko’s health

A few days ago, Princess Nobuko’s breast cancer diagnosis was made public by Mikasa. Now that the operation is over, the Japanese imperial family announces good news.

Princess Nobuko von Mikasa, 67, has been diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer. This was announced by the Imperial Household Agency on November 15, 2022, as reported by The Japan Times and the Kyodo News agency, among others.

On Saturday, November 19, the widow of the late Prince Tomohito of Mikasa, † 66, cousin of Emeritus Emperor Akihito, 88, underwent a successful operation, reports the Japanese imperial family and has more good news ready.

Japan Royals: Princess Nobuko von Mikasa has early stage breast cancer

On November 4, Princess Nobuko had to go to Keio University Hospital in Tokyo for a follow-up examination of a lumbar vertebra fractured in 2019. According to the Imperial Court Office, she also underwent an MRI examination (imaging method) and a biopsy of the affected breast tissue there. Unfortunately, the examinations revealed cancer in the right breast. The princess has no noticeable symptoms, it is said. But action had to be taken quickly.

Mikasa took Nobuko to the university hospital on November 16 to undergo breast cancer surgery the following Saturday, during which the tumor would be removed. She has now successfully survived this. Even better: According to the Imperial Court Office, the cancer was in the early stages, i.e. stage zero. Accordingly, no further metastases were discovered.

The princess is recovering well and could be discharged from the hospital in seven to 10 days, it said. Radiation therapy is then started.

Emperor Naruhito is also at risk of cancer

There are also health concerns about Emperor Naruhito, 62, son of Tennō Akihito emeritus. In early October 2022, the Hofamt announced that his prostate-specific antigen level, a tumor marker, was slightly above normal and would show “a slightly worrying movement”. The risk of prostate cancer is in the room. That is why the Kaiser had to undergo an MRI examination of the prostate in November.

According to the Imperial Court Office, an enlarged prostate was found. But there would be no cause for concern. Naruhito will undergo a tissue test later this month to confirm the findings and rule out the risk of cancer.

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