Jão vents on social media after being chased by car: "Fear of having an accident"

During the early hours of this Monday (25/07), the singer john ran to his Instagram Stories to vent after being chased by car in São Paulo. The singer was returning from a show in Jundiaí, in the interior of the state, when he and his entire team noticed the approach of another vehicle. “I wanted to talk to you about something strange and serious,” Jão began in his account.

“Halfway, we noticed that there was another car a long time ago near ours. Following us. It was very attached. At first, I thought it was nothing”, he continued in his account after the scare. The singer’s driver tried to divert the route to find a new path and get to Jão’s house, but the car kept chasing the artist’s vehicle for about 30 minutes.

“I don’t know who was there, what was the intention of whoever was there. From time to time we saw cell phone flash from inside the car. We pretended to pull over the car to clear the doubt and they stopped behind us. We ran a lot and tried to find a detour to get home. It started to get dangerous, because we went up the curb, crossed the light… This lasted about 30 minutes. They found us all the time. I was afraid of suffering a accident,” he continued.

Despite everything, Jão and his team arrived at the scene safely. “I shouldn’t even be asking this because it’s an obvious thing. Please don’t do it. It was dangerous for me, for my team, for my friends. For you guys in the other car. I should have come home. After a whole week of work. Don’t do that.”

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