January as a gauge generator! Another famous couple in ruins

According to psychologist Petr Šobra, however, this is nothing special. “Statistically, people are much more divided in January. We need impulse to start or end something. The end and beginning of the year is exactly the moment that people can use, “ described his experience TN.cz.

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The beginning of the year began infamously for Tatiana Gregor Brzobohatou (34). Her husband Ondřej Gregor Brzobohatý (38) asked her for a divorce and is now dating dancer Zuzana Pilná (30). Although Táňa came up with photos in her underwear, it can be seen that Ondřej doesn’t care at all, but at all. This pair is in definitive decay.

Bezděková after the break-up with Lambor: For the first time in public! She struggled to find the words

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Glue the last remnants of love, or maybe just friendship, won’t either Sarka Rezkova (52). After mutual agreement with my friend Mirek, they each set out on their own path. It is rumored that the couple did not survive the crisis they fell into after Rezkova accommodated her Dominika Gottová and she almost, probably drunk, set fire to their house.

However, an uncertain end awaits Monika Bagárová (27) a Mach Muradova (31). The couple were separated by distance, as Muradov decided to work in his native Uzbekistan and there was not much time left for Monika and his daughter Rumia. Both of the couple deny that the reason for the breakdown of the relationship was a new acquaintance and it is therefore possible that they will still find their way back to each other.

But where it’s really hot, it’s a shootout between Karlosem Vémolou (36) and his Playmate Lelou Ceerovou (32). „I found out he was having an affair with another guy. It’s even worse because he was a good friend of mine, “ described Karlos earlier in his live entry on Instagram. But embarrassed, Lela was not lazy and immediately said that Carlos had attacked her. The police are now dealing with the alleged attack on a woman who was supposed to hold a month-old child in the incident. Since the infidelity has paralyzed this couple once, but it did not destroy it, a great return can be expected as from a cheap soap opera.

Who will be next?

Michaela Kuklová threw herself to work after the breakup!

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