Jansen: ‘Blind’s attitude influenced the choice of Ajax’

With the transfer-free departure of Daley Blind, Ajax has not definitively chosen the side of trainer Alfred Schreuder. According to Freek Jansen, Ajax watcher of Football International, there were several things that ultimately led to Blind’s contract being terminated. The attitude of the veteran also reportedly had a major influence.

Jansen was a guest on Monday evening Football talk on ESPN and the Ajax watcher was asked about Blind’s departure. Kenneth Perez wanted to know whether Ajax has definitely chosen Schreuder’s side by letting Blind leave. Jansen argues that this is not the case. “No, because final is really thin. If the month of January turns into disappointment after disappointment again, then that final one will soon be erased in pencil’, with which Jansen mentions that Ajax’s upcoming matches will be crucial for Schreuder’s future at Ajax.

The Ajax watcher then zooms in on Blind’s departure. According to Jansen, the choice to go Blind certainly did not come from Schreuder alone. ‘It wasn’t just Schreuder either. Other responsible people within Ajax had something like: before things come together, it should be clear what will happen to Daley Blind. That’s where this (Blind’s contract termination, ed.) came out.’

Ajax sat down with Blind, but was unable to come to a joint solution. Jansen explains what the arguments were. Both sides have their own truth, but Blind is too hungry to settle for a role of twelfth man who occasionally makes his minutes and is important in the dressing room, as happened in the past with players like André Ooijer. He didn’t want that. On the other hand, Schreuder let him play for the first few months and at a certain point he chose Wijndal.’

‘Jammer is too big a word’

Jansen argues that Blind’s attitude from the moment he ended up on the bench played a major role in the decision to eventually terminate his contact. ‘Jammer is too strong a word for Blind, but they did notice that he was full of grumpiness from the moment he came to the switch. Not only visible on the field, but also in the dressing room.’ According to Jansen, Blind handled his spare role considerably differently than his friend Davy Klaassen did in the past. Klaassen showed himself to be combative and fought back without moaning, but this was different with Blind. ‘The attitude of Blind and Klaassen is a world of difference. That definitely had an influence in the choice of Ajax.’

Blind’s contract with Ajax was terminated at the end of December. The 32-year-old defender can therefore look for a new club on a free transfer. Real Sociedad and Royal Antwerp are mentioned as the main destinations for Blind.

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