Janjgir Champa News: Worship of Shantidhara Arjava Dharma on Paryushan

Poto : 11 Janpi 1 – People of Jain society involved in worship

Janjgir-Champa. (New Zealand News). Paryushan festival is being celebrated in Lord Mahavir Digambar Jain Temple Naila. On Sunday morning, after washing the idols of all the Tirthankaras sitting in the altar of Lord Mahavir Swami wearing yellow clothes from their respective homes, on Sunday morning, seated in the Panduk Sheela, daily Abhishek Shantidhara and Aarti by about 30 devotees from silver urns. Its being done. Today by Sunil Ajmera, Harsh Patni, Sanjay Luhadia, Vijay Luhadia family and Shanti Dhara by Madan Lal, Dharamchand Ajmera family. Today the people of the entire Jain community participated in the worship of Arjava Dharma. Worship was done by Sunil Jain family Champa, Dharamchand Sumati Devi family Naila and Pramit Jain family Janjgir. Cultural programs are being organized every day in the night. On the first day, aarti thal decoration competition was organized by women on the second day, Dandiya dance, chair race competition of friends was organized, after preparing on one religion every day by small teachers of the Jain society, the best forgiveness religion, the best Mardava religion, the best Arjav religion But his views were expressed. Following the Kovid rules during the Corona period, devotees are reaching the temple along with mask sanitizer. People of Jain society including Dheeraj Ajmera, Sanjay Luhadia, Harsh Patni, Saurabh Luhadia, Ajay Ajmera Amit Luhadia, Sandeep, Vidit, Monty Ajmera, Sparsh Jain, Apostle Jain, Neeraj Jain, were present in the program.

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