Janjgir Champa News: The e-pass machine is being paid in the early stages, complaints of technical fault in many places

Janjgir-Champa. Under the One Nation One Card scheme, problems have started coming in the e-pass machine from the very beginning itself. From September 1, it has been started in 49 PDS shops in all urban areas of the district including Janjgir. E-pass machines have been installed in these shops. Ration is to be distributed through this. The e-pass machine has come here from Hyderabad in which the Aadhar link of the beneficiaries of the district is not there. In such a situation, the names of the beneficiaries of the district are not showing in the e-pass machine. Due to which the beneficiaries are facing problems in the initial phase itself. Here, in view of such condition of the server, the Food Department has issued an order to distribute ration manually i.e. by the old method. Because how long the server will be able to improve, the district officials are not able to tell. In such a situation, in case of more time, the beneficiary should not be deprived of getting ration, that is why there are instructions to distribute ration manually. These e-pass machines have been given in all PDS shops in urban areas. Along with this, training has also been given to the operators so that ration can be distributed to the beneficiaries through the new system. Officials of the Food Department say that due to the new technology, it is being seen as a trial for the first few days to see if there is any problem. There is a problem in the shops of some places in the e-pass machine, which technical experts are engaged in rectifying. That is why the earlier option has been kept running for distribution of ration. One Nation One Card is a central government scheme. With its launch, the beneficiaries will be able to take ration from where they live. If people from other states live here, they will also be able to pick up ration here. It is necessary to link the Aadhar card of the ration card holder through the department’s server.

7 percent people have not done Aadhaar verification

One Nation One Card Scheme will prove to be 100% successful only if the Aadhaar card of every member registered in the ration card is linked. Aadhar card of 7 percent members is yet to be verified in the district. Aadhaar of 92 percent members has been verified. In the district, 17 lakh 9 thousand 853 members are registered in a total of 4 lakh 73 thousand 329 ration cards. New documents are being sought from the beneficiaries for taking ration through e-pass system. The ration card holders tell that if they are going to take ration in the shops, then again the photo copy of Aadhar card, ration card is being submitted. Documents have been sought with the information of each member of the family. Without this ration is not available.

This is how e-pass machine works

Electronic Point of Sale Digital System (E-Pass) is a machine that is connected through the Internet to a system that links the Aadhaar and Ration Card numbers of the Public Distribution System and consumers across the country. With this, any person will be able to take ration from his ration card in any state.

Ration cards and beneficiaries in urban areas

body ration card beneficiary

New Baradwar 23628260

Baloda 3710 12904

Shivrinarayan 2293 8702

Champa 11550 41679

charge 2118 7919

Saragaon 17906948

Janjgir-naila 11072 38335

Rahoud 17406689

Nawagarh 2142 8419

Forced 5711 19874

Akaltara 5918 21238

Walnut 2833 10072

Jajaipur 22408516

Chandrapur 2016 7363

Dabhra 2224 7475

“Technical problems are coming up in some places in the server of the e-pass machine, the engineers of the company are engaged in the mapping work. Ration distribution is not affected anywhere. Ration distribution is being done manually. As soon as the server is correct, then the ration will be distributed from the machine itself.

Kushal Sahu, Assistant District Food Officer

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