Janjgir Champa News: Teacher respect and foster conference organized

Walnut. (Naiduniya News). Teacher honor ceremony and parent conference were organized in Government Higher Secondary School, Kharaud. In which Chief Guest Ramlal Yadav, Chairman of Jan Bhagidari Committee and Pramod Soni of Jan Bhagidari Committee were present. In the ceremony, all the teachers were honored by applying tilak and giving Shriphal.

While addressing the program, Chief Guest Ramlal Yadav threw light on the importance of teachers in the society. He said that Teacher’s Day is a day to honor all the teachers. The country’s first Vice President Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan dedicated his birthday to the teachers. From that day on September 5, Teacher’s Day is celebrated all over the country. Radhakrishnan devoted 40 years of his life in the field of education. The tradition of celebrating Teacher’s Day started from 1962. Teachers serve as a mirror to the society. They are feeling proud of themselves by giving respect to the teachers in the school today. While addressing the program Pramod Soni said that teachers are like the foundation of a house. Because if the foundation is strong then there will be weakness in the building also. In today’s environment, teachers are used as frontline work in census work, vote counting work, voter list and in present times in Corona period. Even after this, the teachers are discharging their duties honestly. Efforts should be made to educate the teachers according to the interest of the students. Because Badho learns well whatever interests you. The program was also addressed by school lecturers Ram Krishna Sahu, Hira Lal Ghritalhare and DC Devangan. Devendra Kashyap, the headmaster of Government Pre-Secondary School, honored the parents present in the parent conference by applying tilak. In the program, in-charge of the school, Principal KL Srivas, Principal Devendra Kashyap, Parent Ishwari Sahu, Ramphal Kashyap, Gulshan Kumar, Laxmi Prasad, Hanif Mohammad, Manoj Aditya, Laxmi Narayan Aditya, Santoshi Yadav, Hira Lal Ghritalhare, Salikram Kashyap, Ramkrishna Sahu, DC Devangan, Vivek Tiwari, Somnath Kashyap, Chetan Gaikwad, Bidiya Lata Maravi, Savitri Yadav, Gorelal Kashyap, Ravi Shankar Yadav, Shivkumar Dhruv, Sachin Mishra, Ajay Kumar Kashyap, Sudama Siddar were present.

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