Janjgir Champa News: If ego is a wall, surrender is its door – Uday Chand Shastri

Akaltara. (New Zealand News). Acharya Uday Chand Shastri, who came from the ocean on the third day of Paryushan Parva, the third day of Paryushan Parva of Jainism, made the peace stream of God with chants. Shanti Dhara was done by Madan Jain, Mani Jain, Honey Jain, Nitya Jain Pandit Family, Chetan Jain Ravi Jain, Kamal Kumar Jain Nishant Jain, Nirmish Jain, Pramod Jain, Asu Jain. The people of the society offered prayers in the Jain temple. In the Aarti Thal Decorating Competition organized by the Balika Mandal, more than 25 women participated in the competition with the decoration of the Aarti thal, a religious Antakshari competition was organized in Jain Bhawan. While addressing the Dharma Sabha, Acharya Uday Chandra Shastri said that we all should keep simple attitude and renounce fraud in life. Due to deceit one gets sorrow in life. There is a lot of ego in man. It is because of ego that he goes to Hema and that is the reason for his misery and misfortune. Ravana was a great scholar as well as the knowledge of the Vedas, but after abducting Sita, Sita was not arrogantly released by Ravana even after many people advised him to leave Sita. Ravana is remembered as a wicked person with defeat in the war. Ego is the wall, surrender is its door. Through surrender we can renounce the ego. The mirror serves to show us in life. Like a mirror, let us take a pledge to show the right path to others in life and do the welfare of others. The more we do penance in life, the more success we will get. Gold also takes the form of jewelery only after being heated in a fire. Tapas has a special importance in life. On the occasion of Parva Raj Paryushan festival, let us take a pledge to move forward with contemplating our life. In the program, Jain Samaj President Sushil Jain, Vice President Rajkumar Jain, Secretary Deepak Jain, Co-Secretary Saurabh Jain, Arju Jain of Balika Mandal, Samidha Jain, Soumya Jain, Neeti Jain, Himani Jain, Nancy Jain, Pragya Jain, Prachi Jain, Sejal Jain , Priyanshi Jain, Deepa Jain, Arya Jain, Bhumi Jain, Ishika Jain and people of Jain society were present in large numbers.

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