Janjgir Champa News: 1 lakh 78 thousand three accused arrested by bangle sellers

Power. (New Zealand News). After entering the mobile shop on the pretext of buying a headphone, the police arrested and sent them to jail after confiscating 90 thousand 800 rupees in cash and other items from the possession of the three accused who crossed the bag full of 1 lakh 78 thousand rupees.

According to the police, Champa resident Ramnaresh Kashyap’s father Late. Netram Kashyap does delivery work in mobile shops. He reached Sakthi on Wednesday evening. At around 4 pm, he reached Mayank Mobile operated near Navdha Chowk in the city. Here he gave the mobile to Mayank Kshatriya, the operator of Mayank Mobile. After getting the mobile, the shop operator paid him Rs 1 lakh 78 thousand. After getting the money, he sat in the bench located inside his shop, counting the amount and keeping it in his bag, closed the chain and kept it there and started counting the mobile from the shop operator. After the completion of the account, he turned back and started lifting his bag back, but during this time the chain of his bag was open. In such a situation, he checked the money kept inside the bag. During this the money kept in the bag was missing. He went out and started looking. During this, two unknown youths started running away. During this, the employees of the shop also started running them, but they dodged and ran away from the spot. After the incident, he reached the police station and complained to the police. On the report of the applicant, the police have registered a crime against the unknown accused under section 379 of Bhadvi and have taken it into the investigation. During the investigation, taking footage from the CCTV camera installed in the street in and around the incident site, the suspects were detained and interrogated near Bilaspur by SI Naveen Patel and police station in-charge of Pamgarh, Omprakash Kurre, who left for a team. During interrogation, he revealed his name as Sajan Mongia, Tej Bhan Mongia, Subin Mongia resident of Patharia Police Station Khimlasa District Sagar (MP) Hall Mukam Devrikhurd Police Station Takhatpur. At the same time, he told that he has come to Chhattisgarh about 15-20 days ago to sell bangles and after camping from place to place, roaming in the street and doing the work of selling bangles. On September 15, all three came to Sakti to steal their bike number CG 10 EM 8424 from Bajaj Discover 125 and parked the bike near Budhwari Bazar Sakti and were roaming in the street when a person benched behind the police station and in the street’s mobile shop. But while sitting and counting the money, seeing that both Tejbhan Mongia and Sajan Mongia went inside the mobile shop and his partner Sobin Mongia was standing outside the shop and monitoring it. Tejbhan kept Mogia entangled in talks to buy earphones from the shopkeeper and Sajan went out of the shop by stealing Rs. At the same time, the applicant and the shop staff rushed to catch him, but they ran away from the bike. The three went to Devrikhurd police station Takhatpur with the stolen money. Here they divided the said money among themselves. Police arrested accused Sajan Mongia (19) from father Firtu Mongia in cash and 1 piece Lava keypad mobile, 1 nos bag, Tejbhan Mongia (19) 30 thousand 800 rupees from father Ijan Lal Mongia, 1 nos Vivo touch screen mobile and The bike used in the theft and the accused Subin Mongia (21) from the possession of father Firtu Mongia seized 20 thousand rupees and silver anklets, glass and plastic bangles purchased from the stolen money and arrested them and presented them in the court. From where he was sent to jail on judicial remand.

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