Janina Uhse: Ex-GZSZ darling has become a mom

Janina Uhse announced her pregnancy in March, and now her baby is born. The actress proudly shows the offspring on Instagram.

Janina Uhse, 32, kept her pregnancy secret for a long time. Only in March of this year did the former GZSZ actress burst the baby bomb: together with her husband, she was expecting her first baby. The cookbook author announced the exciting news on Instagram and presented her clearly visible pregnancy ball. Now her little big miracle is in the world.

Janina Uhse shares the first baby photo

The food blogger shares the happy baby news with her 709,000 followers on Instagram. Under a photo that shows her finger entwined by the baby’s sweet hand, the voice actress writes: “And then you came, little heartbreaker. It’s wonderful how you’ve been merging day and night for a week now and so everything else just becomes secondary .”

Fans, friends and colleagues congratulate the new mother diligently in the comments.

The actress keeps her personal life private

Janina Uhse keeps her private life out of the public eye. On October 5, 2019, she said yes to her life partner. “Every day with you is a good day,” wrote the influencer about some photos of her dream wedding, which she published on Instagram. The location was a luxury hotel in Manduria, in the Puglia region. And her groom? Janina Uhse only shows it from behind.

Now the couple is three. The happy parents now have enough time not only to get to know their children, but also to rediscover themselves. Congratulations and we wish the little family all the best!

Source used: instagram.com


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