Jane Fondová (84) shines in a new fitness campaign: She regrets all plastic surgery!

Jane, who has always had a great weakness for movement and still exercises to this day, is not a fan of artificial beautification, but she herself has undergone two minor facelifts – the first in her 40s and the second in 2010, which she regrets. “I’m not proud of it, I probably wouldn’t do it a second time,” she admits.

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Sex? Still better!

On the other hand, what he enjoys even in his old age is sex. “It gets better and better with age,” he says. Explanation? “Women waste too much time because they don’t want to be told, ‘Wait, not so hrrr.’ Slow down! Soooo… And a little to the left. With age, we lose the fear of telling each other about what we like. I know what I want, so give it to me!” Jane described suggestively in a TV interview. “Although now it’s mainly solo events…” he laughs.

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