Jandová received a gift from her loving husband: a white sink instead of a dishwasher

The fact that Marta Jandová (48) is an uncomfortable girl is especially evident in her constant smile and sense of humor. While her dad Petr Janda is enjoying Lipno, she and her husband, doctor Miroslav Verner (44), and daughter Maruška went camping. Such a style of vacation also requires a lot of courage.

Everything would be fine, the weather is kind to them, the entertainment is taken care of, the eight-year-old daughter Maruška makes her free time pleasant with beautiful paintings… If only the dishes would wash themselves! “Yes, even in the camp it can be quite a mess,” Marta commented on a photo on Instagram with a pile of dirty dishes waiting for a miracle.

Marta Jandová for Diet magazine

Although the husband tried to make this unpleasant activity easier for the girls, according to the documentation, he was not very successful. “Míra bought a lavar, let’s make it easier for us with the dishes,” she nevertheless praised her beloved husband. Commenting on camp life, however, she acknowledged the general uncertainty and possible danger lurking around the toilets: “To the showers and to the toilets, as a rule, with friends!”

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