Jandák about the lefty with Geprtová: But I wanted to …

Jandák he stepped out of his comfort zone and talked not only about his dreams but also about his son on Life in the Stars. At the same time, it was obvious that he was slightly nervous about this topic.

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Svatopluk Geprt was to be born to the cult Viktorka from the raft, Libuše Geprtová († 63). For that, Jandák was the only man in her life, and after he left her, she never fell in love with anyone again. She lived only for her son and the theater until the last days before she lost her life with cancer. There was talk that Jandák had left Geprtová already pregnant, but he himself probably had no idea that he was expecting a baby with her.

“I wanted to admit paternity then, if it was mine, but I found out over 10 other people. She wanted her baby and it’s done. If that’s the case, I don’t know. “ Jandák said on the show, saying that he did not associate with Svatopluk.

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