Janda was disappointed by Gott’s behavior: The Master didn’t bite

It’s no secret that the singer Karel Gott he won the prestigious Golden Nightingale survey a total of 42 times. He was so used to winning that he probably didn’t accept losing. But it happened three times in a row. Between 1986 and 1988, he took home the trophy three times in a row Dalibor Janda. According to him, Gott did not take it well.

Felix and I are looking forward to beautiful women, said the singer Provazník at the opening of Gott’s cafe

“We probably disgusted him a bit. All of us who won those nightingales back then and broke his reign felt that he thought he had to have it forever.” Dalibor confided to the website Prima Zenya. “Back then, it used to be the custom that those who placed in the first three places in the male, female and group categories all toured Czechoslovakia together. Karel Gott, when he didn’t win and finished second or third, always apologized and never came,” told Janda, who felt sorry for it at the time, and he was not the only one.

“Miro Žbirka or Peter Nagy and I blamed him a little for that. We found it sad and we were sorry,” he recalled. With this behavior, Gott disappointed Janda. “At that time, he did it to everyone who won Slavík, he didn’t bite it. Although in public he pretended to wish us well, who knows what it was like.” Dalibor concluded.

In the 40 years of cooperation with Karl, I have hundreds of thousands of pictures, says the Master’s photographer František Jirásek

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