Jančařík about Marvan: A rough ortel at the address of a famous stepfather

Despite the fact that Jaroslav Marvan had his own family, he could not resist the charm of the actress Alena Jančaříková († 34), and for a while he lived in two households at once. He often had contact with his almost stepson, but he did not build a father-son relationship with him or his brother.

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Jančařík about a sick son in a wheelchair: Try to be in his skin for even a day …

“It simply came to our notice then. He once took us to the cinema for the film The Last Mohican, where he had a beautiful double role. When we left the cinema, he asked how we liked him, he certainly waited for our enthusiasm. But we thought we were going to an Indian woman, so we were disappointed and our reaction aroused displeasure in him. “ quotes Jančařík’s website onlyu.cz.

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As in his several roles, he seemed a little cold in everyday life, even if he had good intentions – a bit like his legendary Gustav Anděl. “He once brought us gramophone records from America, where rock and roll was. We were still young to the music and preferred to listen to Spejbl and Hurvínek. He gave us presents, but I have a feeling that we could shoot the house for a while and he was so calm. He simply had something serious in him that would be just fun, I can’t say that, “ added Petr Jančařík.

Medailonek: Jaroslav Marvan

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