Janák takes a lot of risks in the Agrometal series: He gave his wife a handsome man!

He wrote the series Rudolf Hrušínský Jr. (51) and discusses a country band. Romana Goščíková represents a very busy Simona. “Honz is nicknamed Komár in the series. Precisely because everything, with apologies, stings. And he’s the one who’s going after my Simona,” Goščíková reveals the story.

“And imagine my own man picking him out for me at the on-camera auditions. He previewed it in one commercial and he really likes it. He is now proud of his discovery because he likes to find new faces.” adds the actress. After all, there is no need to remind the director of Snowboarders. It was he who was behind the birth of the idols of girls’ hearts in 2004 Jiří Mádl (35) and Vojty Cat (34).

Director Karel Janák: I’m looking for reviews of my movies, I’m taking all opinions!

On the one hand, Romana is excited about her new colleague and even takes a selfie with him, but on the other hand, she wonders how it is possible that her husband is so calm and apparently not jealous at all. After all, his wife is a full 12 years younger. But Karel Janák has clear priorities. Recognizes the password: “Especially when it works on set.”

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