Jan Linnebjerg talks about the hard years after Pyrus: Family emigrated from theater performance

You know him as the dancing elf. The goblin who wants to have a go at it, sang it and fooled around in Denmark’s National Archives through several cold December months. It is, of course, Pyrus.

But for actor Jan Linnebjerg, the role of Pyrus has not always been a bed of roses.

He tells this in a big interview with TV 2.

Because after the success of the role, in which he appeared in four Christmas calendars and a film, people only recognized Jan Linnebjerg as the energetic archive elf student. The two had grown together.

The merger also affected the 62-year-old actor’s career, he believes.

“I once overheard a producer say that: ‘We can’t have a goblin running around on the set,'” says Jan Linnebjerg to TV 2.

The actor also experienced that a family emigrated from the theater performance ‘A Clockwork Orange’ at Aarhus Theatre. The reason – the family thought they were going to see a show with Pyrus, even though it said ‘A Clockwork Orange’ on the poster.

For Jan Linnebjerg, the anger towards Pyrus had grown and to soothe it, he drank red wine.

In 2018, Jan Linnebjerg came forward openly and honestly and said that he had struggled with alcohol. A struggle he later acknowledged could be fatal if he continued. Jan Linnebjerg has since gotten over the abuse, he says.

In 2021, however, the ‘Pyrus’ actor told that now it was time for Pyrus to retire. But Pyrus will probably never be completely closed, Jan Linnebjerg told at the time in the podcast ‘Helt vek med Hemmingsen’.

“I’m about to write a pretty cool story, and then I might have to go out and tell some lies about my life. I don’t want to call it a lecture, because it’s something a professor gives, and I can’t brag about that. But I want to tell about a good life, a long, great fun and sometimes sad life. So I’m going to tell you about that – how I became Pyrus,’ he said.

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