Jan Linnebjerg surprised: ‘Should our Christmas calendar be offensive?’

Jan Linnebjerg has played the popular elf Pyrus for decades.

And this year, the actor had been looking forward to seeing the third in the series of his Christmas calendars – ‘Alletiders Julemand’ from 1997 – on TV 2.

He was therefore shocked when he heard that the Christmas calendar had been taken off both broadcast and streaming at the last minute.

“I then became completely quiet. What? Should our Christmas calendar be offensive?” Jan Linnebjerg tells BT

Gyldengrød, Pyrus and Kandis comfort Santa Claus in the children’s Christmas calendar ‘Alletiders Julemand’ from 1997.

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He had never really considered the lamented episodes in the Christmas calendar – where children have had their heads painted black to look like cream buns, where the controversial slave caricature Black Piet appears and where Bastian the Great dips some children in ink after they have teased a boy with dark skin – were problematic.

But at the same time, the ‘Pyrus’ actor also understands that TV 2 “doesn’t want to slap their ass again”.

Because he believes that you should of course do what you can to avoid offending anyone.

“But couldn’t you sit down for two hours and then cut out the rubbish that IS rubbish? Take out an episode and then have a day where you don’t post anything? I think it’s crazy that you remove an entire calendar because there are a few words and characters that don’t belong anymore.’

Not least, Jan Linnebjerg emphasizes that no one from the popular children’s Christmas calendar has had a bad heart.

“It wasn’t made with any intention of offending anyone – even if there are things in it that you don’t say or do anymore today. But you couldn’t know that back then. Do we then have to delete our entire history?’

Because in his view, ‘Alltime Santa Claus’ is a “good, relevant and educational” Christmas calendar.

In the Christmas calendar, Pyrus, together with his mentor Gyldengrød and friend Kandis, must help Santa regain his memory by revisiting the world stories about him.

TV 2 will instead broadcast the sequel ‘Alletiders Eventyr’ every Christmas afternoon.

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