Jan Linnebjerg discovered that the man he called father was not his biological father: ‘It was a relief’

“It was both a relief and then a wonder.”

This is how actor Jan Linnebjerg explains the time when he found out as a child that the man he called father was not his biological father at all.

A story he told in Friday’s ‘What we talk about’, where he was a guest in the studio.

“The relief was that I then better understood our differences and way of seeing the world. What was strange was how it took so long for us to find out.’

He believes that anxiety, shame and guilt played a role in why it was not said out loud from the start.

62-year-old Jan Linnebjerg later met his father when, during a performance in Aalborg, he received a bouquet in his wardrobe from his father’s wife, who wrote that the father would like to meet him.

A meeting that the actor agreed to after careful consideration.

“We go up there and find out that he is just an ordinary man. He was very nice, but ordinary.’

From there the trip went on to meet even more family members, but it wasn’t the best experience.

“It was too violent. They were hanging on me and it was just too much. I couldn’t understand, and I also had to explain to this family what my life was like.’

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