Jamie Foxx reveals how he convinced Cameron Diaz to come out of retirement

In a recent conversation with the website “Entertainment Tonight“, the actor Jamie Foxx needed to use his creativity when approaching the also actress Cameron Diaz in order to convince her to come out of retirement and participate in the comedy”Back in Action“.

Jamie has already starred opposite the star of “Charlie’s Angels” in the feature “annie“, in 2014. The star already had some closeness to Cameron and was very keen to get her to work again in new films. “Cameron is a very incredible force, and she’s done a lot for this business. We love her,” he said, praising the actress during the interview.

Cameron Diaz walked away from the movies after filming “Annie” to focus more on her family and Foxx was already aware that it wouldn’t be an easy task to get her friend to return to acting, so he decided to persuade her. with a promise: recording Back in Action would be fun.

“[Perguntei a ela:] ‘Do you want to have fun? Just have fun!’ And I think that’s what brought her here,” Jamie said. “Sometimes we miss special moments in our business, and I think [o retorno de Cameron Diaz] it’s a special moment. So we’re really happy that this is happening and we’re looking forward to it,” he continued.

The winner of Oscar for Best Actor in 2005 in the movie “ray“, he recalled that, after talking to Diaz about the new feature, he put the artist on a phone call with Tom Bradybecause the star of NFL also came out of retirement recently, could give the actress tips about this process. “We had to be very innovative in how we brought her back,” Foxx told Entertainment Tonight.

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