James Van Der Beek: "My daughter discovered the crying Dawson memes and is using them against me"

Dawson’s Creek interpreter James Van Der Beek confessed he had to deal with the fame of the meme of Dawson crying to this day.

The infamous crying Dawson meme laniato on social media some time ago is back in vogue thanks to the statements of the interpreter of Dawson Leery, James Van Der Beek. The actor revealed to People that his eldest daughter Olivia, 12, found the viral meme on the internet and she even uses it against him when necessary:

“To study online, we gave the kids iPads and they immediately discovered memes. So the drama began, my eldest sent me a meme of myself. When he sent her a meme of me dancing,” he immediately sent me my crying face. I thought, ‘This is aggressive.'”

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The Dawson’s Creek star, a father of six, said when it comes to explaining his fame to his kids, he tries to be “completely honest about the positives and negatives. It was an interesting experience, but I think they only partially understand it”.

As for the famous Dawson crying meme, some Dawson’s Creek costars confessed they were unaware of its existence until a few years ago. Michelle Williams and Katie Holmes were unaware until EW reunited the cast, which also included Joshua Jackson, Busy Philipps, Kerr Smith, Meredith Monroe and Mary Beth Peil, for the show’s 20th anniversary in 2018.

“I feel like everyone on this show has cried more than me and I’m the one who got trapped!” joked Van Der Beek referring to the meme. “It’s funny to think that you work on a series for six years and everything is reduced to three seconds. It’s a perfect metaphor for the internet”.

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