James Rodríguez and the story of how he saved the life of a rival in the middle of the game

In the social networks, a moving scene unleashed thousands of reactions to the point of becoming viral. We mean the shocking image which shows James Rodríguez saving the life of his rival, Ousmane Coulibaly, who suffered a heart attack during a soccer game for the Qatari First Division.

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On Saturday, January 8, Al Rayyan, James Rodríguez’s team, and Al Wakra, met forces for matchday 13 of the Qatari championship. Everything was going well until 32-year-old Malian Ousmane Coulibaly collapsed in the final minutes of the first half.

James Rodríguez and the story of how he saved the life of a rival

Once he fell on the pitch, Ousmane began to convulse and his desperate teammates did not know what to do. Faced with this dramatic situation, a guardian angel named James Rodríguez appeared.

The midfielder of Al-Rayyan and the Colombian team applied a key assistance: when he vanished on the field, the ‘coffee’ footballer was in charge of accommodating Coulibaly’s head, in a fundamental maneuver so that he can breathe before the arrival of medical services, as reported .

James Rodríguez, the hero without a cape

After the great scare, the local media Al-Watan detailed that the doctor from Al Wakra, where Ousmane Coulibaly is a member, “confirmed that the Colombian star, James Rodríguez, Al Rayyan player, performed a very important action by properly supporting the player’s head so that he could breathe normally for fear of complications or spinal injuries. The AAl-Wakrah doctor explained that the player was unconscious and breathing, but the pulse was weak and the cardiac arrest did not occur immediately.

“It is stable”

Due to the incident, the meeting between Al Rayyan and Al Wakra was temporarily halted and Coulibaly was transferred to the nearest hospital. reported that Malian player was “Found in stable condition”.

“During the QNB Stars League match between Al Rayyan and Al Wakrah on Saturday, Ousmane Coulibaly suffered a heart attack that required the intervention of medical and ambulance personnel present at the scene,” said the Qatar League in a statement.

How much is James Rodríguez worth?

reported that James Rodríguez has a value of 15 million euros, being the most valuable player in the Qatar soccer league, also known by its trade name as the Qatar Stars League.

What was James Rodríguez’s position at Real Madrid?

James David Rodríguez Rubio is a Colombian footballer who served as an offensive midfielder for Real Madrid of Spain from July 2014 to September 2020.

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