James Gunn Asks Fans Which Character They Want to See in Upcoming DCU Movies

Now that James Gunn and Peter Safran were hired as presidents of the dc studiosthe division is undergoing restructuring to bring more qualities to films, series and animations based on the comic book publisher.

And Gunn is already reaching out to fans to find out which characters they want to see in the studio’s future films.

In a post on Mastodon, the filmmaker asked:

“Which DC characters that haven’t yet had their own movie do you most want to see on the big screen?”

Among the comments, his followers suggested Nightwing, Future Batman, Martian Manhunter, Plastic Man and even the Power Girl clone of Supergirl.

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So, which character A.D would you like to see at the cinema?

Last week, the The Hollywood Reporter disclosed that Gunn and safran are already planning the next ones 10 years of film and TV productions.

As fans already know, Gunn recently drove ‘The Suicide Squad‘ and the spin-off series dedicated to ‘peacemaker🇧🇷

While safran has been producing several titles from the A.Das ‘Aquaman’ and ‘Shazam!‘ and its forthcoming sequels.

Apparently, the president of the Warner Bros. Discovery, David Zaslavwants the pair to transform the dc studios in an industry as assertive as Marvel Studios, led by Kevin Feige🇧🇷

Through a statement, safran said that the A.D now it will focus on telling a great story, justifying long-lasting planning.

“This was a unique opportunity to tell a great overarching story. A beautiful big story in movies, games, television shows, all of it in live-action and animation.”

Gunn noted that:

“This is the opportunity to make the A.D as good as possible and as it always should be – that’s why I’m doing this work, because I know that Peter and I can do this. We’ve spent the last two days with some of the best writers in the industry starting to map out this eight to 10 year plan.”

When he was chosen to share the presidency with Safran, Gunn thanked Zaslav for his trust and said he is hopeful about the executive’s vision for DC Studios.

“I know you’re doing all this because you love these characters too, and you love the possibility and hope they represent. This was clear to us from the start. We would never have considered it if that wasn’t the case, so thank you.”

please note that Gunn will still be connected to marvel studios until the release of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3🇧🇷

Before that, the director will launch a team Christmas special🇧🇷

Below you can see the poster and trailer for the special, which debuts in November 25that disney+🇧🇷

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