James Gunn Asked DC Fans Which Heroes They Want To See Make Their Movie Debuts

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James Gunn is the creative manager of the DC Extended Universe and with that obligation he asked fans which heroes of the brand should make their film debut.

James Gunn
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David Zaslav he is the strong man Warner Discovery who chose James Gunn Y peter saffron as those responsible for the fate of the DC Extended Universe, the first in creative matters and the second in charge of everything executive. They both started working with the goal of growing the DCEU which is currently second in the race against Marvel and he has a lot of pending accounts with his characters.

Under the new administration it premiered Black Adamstarring Dwayne Johnson and with a historic cameo from Henry Cavill as Superman, thus decreeing the return of the Man of Steel to the big leagues. On the other hand, Zaslav also decided to cancel projects such as Batgirl Y The Fantastic Twins. Apparently DC wants to focus on proven franchises like Batman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman.

Which Heroes Should Debut In The DCEU? Gunn’s question


But doesn’t this leave room for other superheroes? Of course! Let’s remember that movies of Shazam Y blue beetlewhich are not part of the proper names most identified with the brand but nevertheless there is a lot of faith on the part of Warner Discovery in that these films will expand the DCEU in a way that will excite their fans.

James Gunn took advantage of the social network Mastodon where he asked the fandom of the DC Extended Universe Which characters would you like to see debut on the big screen? Some retorted with some irony Batgirl, taking into account the project that was abruptly canceled and in which Leslie Grace, Michael Keaton, JK Simmons and Brendan Fraser participated. The important thing is that the new managers show interest in the wishes of their public.

Let’s remember that James Gunn a few days ago he published the image of Wolf in their networks starting a strange chain of messages and news where it was said that Jason Momoathe actor in charge of Aquaman in the DC Extended Universe, would bring to life the wildest intergalactic bounty hunter of them all. This version was far from confirmed, but perhaps Wolf be one of the characters that the director of peacemaker has in the folder for the renewal of the DCEU.

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