James Franco to play Fidel Castro

James Franco
He is supposed to embody Fidel Castro

US star James Franco will embody Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro in the biopic “Alina of Cuba”.

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James Franco plays Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro in a biopic about his illegitimate daughter. She is said to have given her blessing.

US actor James Franco (44) was cast by Spanish director Miguel Bardem (58) for the role of Cuban head of state Fidel Castro (1926-2016) in his biopic “Alina of Cuba”.

As “Deadline” further reports, Franco completes the previously announced cast of leading actress Ana Villafañe (33), who will be seen as the title character Alina Fernandez. Alina Fernandez (66) comes from Castro’s affair with the Cuban society lady Natalia “Naty” Revuelta (1925-2015), who is played by the Argentinian Mía Maestro (47).

The biopic tells the story of Alina Fernandez, who only found out at the age of ten that she was Castro’s daughter. She became a vocal anti-communism activist before eventually fleeing the country and heading to Spain in 1993.

Fernandez gave Franco her blessing

Fernandez, who is serving as creative and biographical advisor on the film’s set, reportedly gave her blessing to the casting of Franco.

“To bring the character of Fidel Castro to life, James Franco works with longtime makeup collaborator Nana Fischer (Golden Globe winner) and dialect coach Jessica Drake (“The Batman”, “Bohemian Rhapsody”) that he brought,” producer Martinez O’Felan told EW in an email.

Filming is slated to begin this month.

Double comeback

“Alina of Cuba” is the second casting announcement for Franco in recent weeks. It was announced last month that he was returning to screens with a role in Bille August’s (73) coming-of-age drama Me, You, four years after he retired from acting following allegations of sexual misconduct .


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