“James Bond” crimes solved after 25 years? Stolen $25 million car found

The Aston Martin DB5 used in James Bond: Goldfinger was once stolen by unknown thieves. Now the legendary vehicle seems to have been found.

Iconic film heroes often also have iconic vehicles. Batman has the Batmobile, the Ghostbusters have the Ecto-1 and James Bond has his beloved Aston Martin. Over the decades, the MI6 agent has had the privilege of replacing his set of wheels with a contemporary model from the British sports car manufacturer, but no car enjoys such cult status as the Aston Martin DB5.

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The 1963 Aston Martin DB5 used in James Bond: Goldfinger was stolen from Boca Raton Airport in Florida in June 1997 (via Yahoo!). In the hangar, only traces were found on the floor, which indicated a theft by a tow truck or cargo plane. Now the vehicle seems to have surfaced again.

Because investigators are said to have recently discovered the car in the Middle East. The exact location is kept secret by Art Recovery International. However, the organization, which has pledged to track down stolen artworks, gave a clue: A witness may have seen the car in a private setting. In addition, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrain are areas of special interest.

No matter which Aston Martin James Bond takes a seat in, one thing can be certain: sooner or later there will be a fast-paced action sequence with the vehicle. Our video reveals which action film series also have daring chases on four wheels:

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The Aston Martin DB5 appeared in these films


The Aston Martin DB5 is the most famous car in spy film history. In 1964, the luxurious car saw the light of day in “Goldfinger” for the first time. Subsequently, the speedster was seen in the films “Thunderball”, “GoldenEye”, “Tomorrow Never Dies”, “Casino Royale”, “Skyfall”, “Spectre” and “No Time To Die”. So far, Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig have sat in the seat of the grand tourer. We can also be curious to see whether the next Bond actor will also get the honor of being able to heat up his adversaries with the Aston Martin DB5.

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