Jamel Debbouze: Violence, harassment, hospitalization … his traumatized wife Mélissa Theuriau!

Since leaving her job as a TV host, Mélissa Theuriau has blossomed by producing committed documentaries. On November 15, France 2 broadcast “My first steps as an educator”, produced by Mélissa Theuriau. On November 24, the LCP channel will broadcast one of its programs, “Repairing the living”. Soon, Canal + viewers should also discover new numbers of “Au tableau !!!” in the presence of the presidential candidates. “We want to receive at least the five main candidates. We will create surprises, but the major ingredients will be there: the guests will be confronted with children of all social levels, from 8 to 12 years old, because the word is then authentic and spontaneous. “, specifies the producer.

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If Mélissa Theuriau has left the light for the shade, she does not regret her choice. “I will not go back. More than ten years ago, I wanted to highlight subjects that I found important to defend, to enlighten. I wanted to open this window of freedom. I never tire of it “, she confessed to” Télé Loisirs “.

Guest of “Clique” on Canal +, the wife of Jamel Debbouze returned without filter on her difficult childhood, marked by violence and harassment. The subject was broached after the host Catherine Ceylac unveiled a photo of Mélissa Theuriau as a child. “When we draw on your youth, a teenager in high school, you still experienced violence, since we even spoke of harassment. You were quarantined, which earned you hospitalization,” says Catherine Ceylac. What Mélissa Theuriau did not fail to answer: “Yes, in fact I did not like being a child and teenager at all. I do not have at all pleasure to look back on childhood. is painful “. And yet, as she also confided, her parents have always been a great support. “I don’t know. I would have to start a job. Everything is fine. I have great parents, affectionate, intelligent, musicians, funky, cool”, added Mélissa Theuriau.


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