Jamel Debbouze: terrible cry from the heart of Mélissa Theuriau, "pedophiles encourage our children to prostitute themselves…"

The arrival of the Internet has allowed great advances. However, the web does not only have good sides, quite the contrary… Indeed, especially with the emergence of social networks, it is increasingly easy to make hateful remarks between Internet users, to circulate false information, or have easy access to pornography… But on top of that, encouraged by pedophiles, more and more children are pushed into online prostitution and that, Mélissa Theuriau, like probably the majority of people on the planet , do not accept it.

Because yes, the journalist perhaps reveals the intimate moments of her couple with Jamel Debbouze on her social networks, like the time when she revealed behind the scenes of her lead wedding (14 years of marriage: editor’s note) with her man in a hotel 5-star luxury, but she doesn’t hesitate to speak up and denounce certain situations either. Proof of this is with her story of this Monday, June 13, in which she shared the rant of the journalist and author, known for her first novel big crownSalome Kiner.

More and more victims

This revealed a page from the Swiss newspaper Morning Sundayin which a disturbing title appeared: “pedophiles encourage our children to prostitute themselves online”. “For all those who find that I exaggerate a little”captioned the journalist in order to get her community to react, and certain countries which may not be doing enough to prevent this scourge… In another story shared by Mélissa Theuriau, we learn that many child victims “don’t talk about it because they fear they have done something wrong and are ashamed”.

If many countries in the world have yet to take the necessary measures to put an end to this disaster, let’s hope that France and Emmanuel Macron quickly look into the subject to put those responsible for these horrors behind bars.

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