Jamel Debbouze pushed to the limit by Orelsan: Plagiarism, Mockery galore… The famous humorist rebels!

This year, TF1 decided to strike hard by betting on Alain Chabat to present the Late Show. Every week, the happy dad of three children has a blast hosting it. “The American schedules always start on the half hour or on the hour, every evening. French channels are not built like that, a program can start at 11:12 p.m. So I said to Ara (editor’s note: Ara Aprikian program manager) a few years ago that if they changed their whole schedule for me, I would appreciate the gesture and that I would love a Late show every evening at 11 p.m. explained the host on the airwaves of RTL.

Thanks to the World Cup matches broadcast on the first channel, everything is orchestrated perfectly. “Before the summer, he (Ara Aprikian editor’s note) texted me saying he had something potentially funny to offer me. There is the football World Cup, all the matches will start at 8 p.m. and end at 10 p.m. We have the possibility of having a fixed appointment at 10:55 p.m. every evening. That’s why we’re here.” added the principal concerned.

“It’s good to see average documentaries…”

This Tuesday, November 22, 2022, Alain Chabat hosted the second issue of the talk show. This time, he welcomed Orelsan and his brother Clément. As a reminder, the duo conquered the crowds on AmazonPrime with the documentary “Never show that to anyone” artist-focused. And that’s not all ! Jamel Debbouze was also there! The opportunity for him to challenge the two guests of the famous director about their latest joint project. According to him, it would be very similar to the work of his brother Karim baptized “Jamel… In real life” (2002).

“The principle was exactly the same as yours. Or it was my brother who filmed my artistic setbacks like that. And that’s why I really liked your thing, which reminded me a lot of mine.” dropped Jamel Debbouze, causing laughter around him. Teaser, Clément Cotentin then outbid his confidence: “I looked at it a lot before starting the editing because it’s important to see…”. “Flaws” completed the interpreter of “Basic”. “It’s good to see average documentaries to see how we can move forward in our thing”. A spade that made Jamel Debbouze react: “If there weren’t cameras, if it wasn’t a Late Show, well, we’d be fighting there”. Vibe…


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