Jake reveals his sadness, ENHYPEN and ENGENE show their support

All the idols work hard and strive to show their best face to the fans and the stage but it doesn’t mean that they don’t feel sad like ENHYPEN’s Jake does, but ENGENE reminds him that he is not alone.

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ENHYPEN it’s a young band from K-Pop who has quickly stolen all the attention, the talents of his idols They are incredible and show us that no matter their age, they can give it their all on stage and shine with their passion and skills that end up making them stand out.

One of the talented idols that are part of ON- it is Jake, who earned his position to enter the group in I-Land with only 9 months as trainee, was able to show that he had everything he needed to debut, putting everything of himself in each challenge and giving everything for his boy band from the moment they started to shine together.

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Jake Shim She is only 19 years old and has put all her great effort into ENHYPEN, as singer and dancer of the idol group He has never failed to put all his musical abilities both in the studio and on any platform on which this artist performs with his group.

But let’s remember that idols are not only robots that must work, they have feelings and emotions and sometimes sadness could flood them, something is happening to Jake and he decided to externalize it with ENGENE and its members who are his main support, reminding him that he is not alone.

ENHYPEN’s Jake reveals his sadness at his group’s first fan meeting

Today the fanmeeting de ENHYPEN, EN-C0NNECT:COMP4NION, to celebrate the group’s first anniversary, the emotions They were on the surface, the artists looked happy, energetic and powerful on stage, but at some point, Jake revealed his true feelings for ENGENE and his bandmates.

The granny of the idol He passed away and he misses her a lot, sadness has invaded him since she went to heaven and not even on his birthday he was having a good time, Jake could not avoid the tears and while he cried, his companions came to support him and say no I was alone.

ENHYPEN’s Jake talking about his sadness | Twitter: @jwoonie_

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Jake thanked ENGENE and its members for being there for him, he really felt bad emotionally and needed them, it should be noted that despite the news about his grandmother, he did not rest and continued working because of his commitment to work, but his sadness it is more than understandable and needs great warmth.

ENHYPEN’s Jake is away from home and it could add to his sadness

From Queensland, Australia to South Korea, Jake had to travel to fulfill his dream of being an idol, inspired by BTS, he went to audition for BigHit in Sydney and then decided that he would move alone to Korea to become a trainee; His family continues to live in Queensland and although they show their full support, the remoteness is what could add to the artist’s sadness at this time.

ENHYPEN’s Jake sad at his fanmeeting | Twitter: @prksnghnloml

“I did my best for my grandmother who is in heaven, she liked him a lot on hypen, so I think she was happy”

We know that Jake is not alone and his teammates can be his great support, ENGENE can also show him all his love, because he deserves it and it is the moment when he needs his fans the most.

Surely, Jake’s grandmother is proud of her grandson and was happy for all the triumphs of ENHYPEN because each idol put their great love for music at work.

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