Jake Gyllenhaal’s incredible physical transformation to be an MMA fighter


the actor of Donnie Darko will star in the remake of the film that Patrick Swayze headed at the end of the 80s.

© IMDbJake Gyllenhaal.

At least, for those who write, if there is a movie and they have it Jake Gyllenhaal As a protagonist, special attention must be paid to him. Examples abound, such as Donnie Darko, nightcrawler either Nocturnal animals. Now, a new work will come for which the 42-year-old artist completely transformed his body.

Jake Gyllenhaal was chosen to be the protagonist of the remake of road Housea 1989 film that originally had Patrick Swayze as a central figure. The story revolves around a martial arts athlete, so the star of Donnie Darko he had to get in shape to look like a mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter.

In yesterday’s session, Jake Gyllenhaal made a surprise appearance at an event UFC where they took the opportunity to film a scene. After being introduced, he yelled in and took off his sweatshirt, leaving his torso bare. The shot in question was to recreate one of the well-known weigh-in situations that fighters undergo before each fight.

road House will come through Amazon Prime Video before the end of the year. The story revolves around an athlete from the ufc who after retiring receives a job offer as security at a bar in the middle of the route. After being wounded, he is attended by doctor clay, with whom he falls madly in love. However, a powerful mobster stands in her way.

+The martial arts star who will appear in Road House

The remake of road House that will have to Jake Gyllenhaal as a protagonist will also feature the performances of Daniela Melchior (Suicide Squad) and Billy Magnussen (Game Night). In addition, it will have the participation of an athlete from the mma in real life: Connor McGregor. It is not known what his character will be in this film directed by Doug Liman (at the edge of tomorrow).

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