Jake Gyllenhaal furious at being criticized by Taylor Swift in All Too Well? Here is what he really thinks about it

For several months, Taylor Swift, who joined forces with Blake Lively on the clip “I Bet You Think About Me”, has been re-recording her first albums in order to recover the rights to her songs. For the occasion, the artist did not hesitate to spoil his fans by offering them a longer version of the title. “All Too Well” initially released in 2012, on the opus Red. A hit accompanied by a video clip that seems to tell his brief love affair with Jake Gyllenhaal, which began in October until December 2010. An idyll performed by Sadie Sink (Stranger Things) et Dylan O’Brien (Teen Wolf).

Without ever naming him directly in his song, Taylor Swift recounts the stages of his tumultuous relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal and does not hesitate to tackle him. “I’m getting old but your lovers keep my age” she blurted out, probably referring to the age difference between the actor, 40, and his girlfriend Jeanne Cadieu, 25. The beautiful blonde also evokes a scarf that she would have forgotten at the actor’s sister, and that the latter would have kept all these years: “She smells the same as me, you can’t get rid of her.”

For internet users, there is no doubt that Taylor Swift is talking about Jake Gyllenhaal. But how the hero of Night Call does he experience seeing part of his private life exposed in the press? According to confidences from one source to AND! News, the actor “really not interested in all of this”. But the revelations don’t end there. The indiscreet continues: “He doesn’t read or pay any attention to gossip. He lives his life and focuses on himself. He ignores all the noise.” That is clear. Moreover, Jake Gyllenhaal seems ready to marry Jeanne Cadieu and become a father.

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