Jade Picon premieres at SPFW and is watched by her ex-boyfriend: ‘Hold on, my heart’. Photos

This Friday (18), Jade Picon walked the runway at São Paulo Fashion Week for the first time. The young woman, who has been one of the main highlights of “Travessia”, closed the parade celebrating Ellus’ 50th anniversary.

Jade paraded with a metallic look, which featured bare shoulders, and wet hair style hair, one of the big bets that the event presented for the summer of 2023. The influencer, who is a fashion reference for the new generations, found out that she would participate in the fashion show on the eve of going up the catwalk.

“I arrived here, I saw the runway, I rehearsed and I will be there not as a super top model who has been on the runway for years, but as Jade, a personality who is very happy to honor the brand’s 50th anniversary“, said Jade, in an interview with Gshow.

In the audience, several celebrities honored the parade, including João Guilherme, with whom Jade dated until 2021. On social networks, she appeared euphoric after the parade and celebrated the realization of yet another dream. “I already cried! 2022, where are you going? Jade Picon, where are you going? Hold on, my heart”, she declared. Access the photo gallery and don’t miss a single click!


With her great projection and strong presence in the media, Jade has faced attacks in the same proportion as she achieves career achievements. Criticized since she was announced as part of the cast of “Travessia”, she has always adopted a firm stance in the face of controversy.

🇧🇷I already imagined that. If I want to act, if I want to sing, I just undertake it, there will be people talking good or bad. It won’t stop me from living my dream“, replied Jade, during the soap opera’s press conference.

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